Compassionate Action From A Place of Strength
7:00 PM19:00

Compassionate Action From A Place of Strength

How are the next generation of social justice activists learning from the past and building the future of compassionate action? Aditi Juneja (lawyer, activist, and co-creator of Self-Care Sundays) and Anthonine Pierre (community organizer and deputy director of the Brooklyn Movement Center) join host Kate Johnson to discuss new perspectives on using technology and self-care to avoid burnout and build social movements that are accessible, sustainable, and deeply relational.

Learn an equanimity meditation to help you connect with the vision of the long arc of history that bends toward justice and honor your contribution to that arc. Also take part in a guided journaling practice that will help you reflect on your passions, skills, and experiences and discover new ways to effect positive change by starting where you are.

About Compassionate Action

How can we cultivate the power within us to balance the power between us? Join meditation teacher Kate Johnson, co-creator and host of Compassionate Action, a series of interactive evenings with artists, changemakers, culture creators, and healers who leverage the power of spirit to fuel their transformative work in the world. Each session will include a conversation, a meditation, and an activity to integrate the learnings. You will have a chance to strengthen your skills to access the clarity, connection, and courage needed to effect change in challenging times. We hope you will leave fortified, inspired, and more skilled to turn your wise intentions into compassionate action.

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Keynote: Granger Leadership Academy
to Mar 24

Keynote: Granger Leadership Academy

The Granger Leadership Academy is unlike any other fan or leadership conference in the world. By combining the power of story with world class leadership and activism training, they've created a truly unique experience that inspire people to embrace the hero they've always been.

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8:00 PM20:00

A Time You Wouldn't Take No for Answer: The Freya Project

The proceeds from this event will support The Nile Sisters. Check back soon for more details.

The Freya Project holds fundraising readings in New York City and Los Angeles. On January 26, 2017 they kicked off our series of monthly fundraisers, created in the wake of the election, that donates money to small organizations located in communities that do not widely embrace the vital work they perform. Every month, five women read personal essays on a theme loosely related to the organization receiving that month's donations. Our readers have included Lena Waithe, Jessica Valenti, Julie Buntin, Lauren Duca, Aparna Nancherla, Lisa Ko, and many more amazing women. 

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12:30 PM12:30

Speaking and Guest Teaching at Connecticut College

I will be speaking in an open forum about my work with Resistance Manual and Protect Democracy. I will be conducting a workshop on how to find your unique way participate in civic society. The question we will be working to answer is, "What does it mean to speak of effective resistance today?"

I will also be guest teaching a philosophy course called "Peace and Conflict" and discuss non-violent protest as a means to effect change.


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6:00 PM18:00

MMLafleur: Internal speaker series

I will be participating in MMLafleur's internal speaker series, where they bring professional women into their office to share insights and advice from their personal journeys with their employees. The focus of the night will be my career-defining moments and professional passions, and we will end with a Q&A from MMLafleur's employees. It will be a Q&A format. 

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to Mar 16

Symposium: Is it Time for Truth and Reconciliation in Post-Ferguson America?

  • Michigan State University College of Law (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS

I will be moderating a panel drawing on the work from my forthcoming publication, "Accountability in Policing: How Complicity Perpetuates Institutional Injustice and Inequities in the United States and South Africa".

During this symposium, guest panelists—academics and activists—will speak on the Nation’s responsibility to account for the history of racial injustice.  Speakers will explore possible ways to move toward healing. This Symposium will showcase a variety of emergent and established voices in academia, policymaking, and activism. 

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8:30 PM20:30

General Assembly Call: Alexander Hamilton Scholars

The General Assembly call is an annual and much-anticipated call in which all Hamilton Scholars join. I will be one of three guest panelists speaking about my career choices, critical decisions made along the way, and advice for our Scholars. 

Inspired by Alexander Hamilton’s legacy of leadership through service, AHS empowers high-achieving, underserved youth to succeed in college and career. They strive to close the opportunity gap for Scholars as they transition from high school to college and beyond. Through the course of the five-year program, Scholars receive mentorship, practical guidance, and a comprehensive network of support, much like Hamilton did

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