Resistance Manual


I co-founded the Resistance Manual in partnership with Stay Woke in January 2017. Until June 2017, I was the project director overseeing approximately 300 frequent contributors who were adding and editing information, forming partnerships with other organizations as well as doing press outreach.

The motto of the Resistance Manual is get educated, get organized, and take actions. The goal of the Resistance Manual is try to sift through the noise of constant breaking news and focus on what responses to policy are actionable and what exactly people’s course of action should be.

The Manual analyzes 15 different policy areas on the federal level. There are also state pages that include all of the federal policies so people can see how impacts on their daily lives as well as the intersection of state law. The policy analysis is intersectional and inclusive as well as written at a basic reading level so all English speakers can access the content. The Manual also offers resources for users to take action upon learning new policy information.